James Edgerson

My name is Brother James Edgerson Jr . Ive attended Apostolic Triumphant Church for several years I think since 2011. Its the one church I always get excited when I attend my wife says when I come home Iam transformed . I don't know how I got there one day when I came home from the hospital Minister Vanessa was there to take me to church in the van . I have long testimony I was a former Muslim where GOD saved me in 1983 and through JESUS I've never been the same . My grand parents we're from the West Indies and my other grandma was American Indian. Iam called to the Prophetic and LOVE YESHUA (JESUS). Thank you Apostle Bala for your influence in my life . I won't be back any time soon because The LORD is relocating me out of Atlanta . Much LOVE and BLESSINGS !!! Brother James

April 3, 2015


Karyn Anita Holmes

This is HOLY GROUND! Grounds where The FATHER, HIS SON JESUS, & THE HOLY GHOST IS PRESENT. GROUNDS where THE TRUE WORD IS TAUGHT & REVELATION IS ALWAYS UNFOLDING. GROUNDS where JESUS IS LORD! I PRAISE GOD for the Leadership of Apostle Bala S. Abraham & the Apostolic Triumphant Church International

October 6, 2014


Joyce Davis

A true end-time apostle ,holy ghost filled prophet of the most high God!

October 5


Antoinette Favored Thomas 

Apostle Bala is a true man of GOD. THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD is always present.



Achayo Otto

The best church is the world, where the spirit of God flow's freely with sign's and wonder's. I have been blessed through the years as a member since I was 18 years old. Glory be to God!

about 9 months ago ·


Pretrina Triumph

We are taught here @ ATCI that we are ATMOSPHERE CHANGERS!!! Whenever we show up the host of angels accompany us and we have the Father,Son, and the Holy Spirit and wherever we are whether it be the courts,hospitals,employment,etc.. When we show up the whole atmosphere changes because we carry the blood and the name. HALLELUJAH!!!

January 19 at 11:34pm


Marrie Shoff‎ner


AMEN!!! Short testimony, I met DR Apostle Bala S. Abraham February 6/ 2009 the message was supernatural restoration! I wrote my name on the cd to remind me, I came to his church to be restored back to GOD, when I first saw the prophet ( spiritual dad) I must admit, I was so afraid of him, two things, (one) his eyes and face was so different, both sides of his face looked like fire , (two) his eyes while he was bring the message appeared to me like white clouds! Im telling you the truth of GOD!! I heard in the spirit these words so clear, it'true his is mine),! then I felt like walking up to him and drop to my knees! But the spirit of shame was trying to rule me, I knew that day without a doubt he was a real sent prophet of GOD but my flesh was so afraid of him,! when he came up to me whatever was not of GOD I left my body!! Right away, (saints) we must recognize the anointing and fire on this man life, we must learn to embrace the vision JESUS placed in his heart for the kingdom and for the souls, I appreciate you man of GOD! And That's was the day I was restored back to CHRIST JESUS ! It been beautiful every since( Praise GOD!)


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